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Curbing That Sweet Tooth – 4 Ways To Train Yourself To Eat Healthier

It’s easy to find sugar in almost everything that we eat in the foods that are manufactured today. Between the gluten-free bread that we assume is healthy to a simple jar of spaghetti sauce, sugar can easily be found. Over the past few decades, sugar has become

Family Health: Signs Your Kids Aren’t Getting Good Nutrition

Nutritional needs of your children vary with age. Every balanced meal should include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the right amount. Children who consume low quality food for a prolonged period of time are more likely to suffer from chronic physical and psychological ailments.

3 Reasons to Contact an Emergency Dentist Right Away

Countless dental emergencies occur each and every day. While many times they are unavoidable, sometimes they are also the direct result of poor dental hygiene. In some cases, you could just be chewing on an apple and your tooth breaks. Yet in others, you could suffer from

Why care homes are increasingly leaving residents with dementia on their own

Dementia is a medical term used to depict certain symptoms of cognitive function decline like loss of memory, yet it’s not a clinical diagnosis until a causal disorder or disease has been acknowledged. Dementia defines brain disorders directly linked to a patient’s thinking, memory, and language abilities.

5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of Doctors

A trip to the doctor can be intimidating for patients of all ages, but especially for kids. Young children may associate visits to a medical office with unpleasant memories of earlier illnesses. If youngsters haven’t been to a doctor in the past, the fear of the unknown

Is Your Tap Safe? 3 Hidden Dangers of Drinking Water

If you get your water from a municipal water supply, chances are that it’s quite safe. Potential contaminants in the water are a problem if you have a private well or other source for your drinking water. In that case, you’re the one who’s responsible for finding

6 Natural Ingredients That Prevent Aging

“Inevitable” is the word that people usually ascribe to aging. However, there are ways to delay and in many cases reverse premature aging through smart dietary changes. Medical research studies point to certain substances found in whole foods that have anti-aging properties like foods containing a variety

Preemptive Health: 5 Vital Measures for Illness Prevention

Many dread the fall and winter months due to the rise in illness during those seasons. While the risk for colds and flu elevates during that time, there are things individuals can do to take charge of their own health. Here are some proven ways to prevent